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General Travel Tips For Hungary

Language: It is worth learning the pronunciation of the Hungarian alphabet. Pronunciation is totally regular and if you manage to pronounce the various sounds correctly then you will be understood and end up exactly where you want to be! Pay attention to the differences between A und Á, E und É. Longer marks over the letters denote a longer (and sometimes different, more 'open') sound.

Telephone: National long-distance calls begin with 06+prefix (city or mobile), international calls with 00+country code. Regional telephone companies operate in certain regions of Hungary and thus the T-Com chip telephone cards cannot be used there. Pre-paid cards of alternative providers are good all over the country. General emergency number: 112. Director inquiries: National 198, International 199.

The further you travel in the 'Wild East' the more you will experience the ingenuous helpfulness and hospitality of the people. Nevertheless watch your valuables when unknown people come close and think about the invitations and offers you accept from strangers as you would anywhere when travelling.